Taxpayer Advocacy Service – A Powerless Agency

6 Sep

They who are paid to help taxpayers being dealt unfairly by the IRS have no power to do anything. It is just another waste of money by the government. Here is the text of my email to an organization called American Citizens Abroad who have been trying, in vain, to help me in my plight.

I have just called and spoken to Rosty Shiller who informed me, quite apologetically, that he/his office at the Tax Advocacy Service, can do nothing to help me. The IRS has been given the mandate by Congress to carry out an extensive and complete audit on anyone they so please. He did imply that this is being done to me because of their experience with people here in Israel having illegally claimed the Earned Income Exclusion on a false basis. But despite this, the IRS is not merely requiring me to prove my eligibility for this exclusion, but a complete A to Z audit. To prove to them my bone fide permanent residence in Israel would be quite easy, but they want more than this. And as Mr. Shiller says, they are acting within their legal rights. This is, in my opinion, morally wrong. Alas, nothing can be done to right the wrong. I have retained an account to represent me and will provide them with anything and everything they want. Once again, the little guy who is innocent, will get crushed under the wheels of “justice” and no one will even know or care about it — neither the IRS, not the Congress which has empowered them to do this. And when they find that nothing has been done wrong, other than, perhaps minor documentation errors, there will be no recourse. They will walk away unscathed.

Furthermore, he stated to me that I might contact my Congressman, but, alas, I, being an expat am subject to the laws passed by the US Congress, but have no representation there. Is this not TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION?


2 Responses to “Taxpayer Advocacy Service – A Powerless Agency”

  1. Lesley January 13, 2014 at 1:35 AM #

    The same thing is being done to me. I have been dealing with it for a year and a half and it has cost me $15K so far to hire representation and it is far from over. I have had damage to both my business (I am self employed) and my mental health. I have been looking for others like me online and have found only you. there must be some way we can find others and get this out there in the media somehow. The fact that the IRS can do whatever they want to damage honest taxpayers is disgusting.

    • danielkovnat January 13, 2014 at 5:57 AM #

      I agree with you 100%. Your sentiments express the feelings that I had during my ordeal, which, incidentally were small compared to your pain.

      There are several NGOs that “spread the word” about the IRS’s inappropriate actions against us small fry, but thus far they have not been able to change the massive governmental machines from their chewing up the small fry. Perhaps with persistence, we can do something to make the bulldozing bureaucracy more fair. If you aren’t already aware, of these two advocacy groups, I suggest you see what they are doing and join them.

      One is the Isaac Brock Society, a Canadian group who says, on their “About” page that they are “here to fight. Sir Isaac Brock prepared Canadians for war with the United States and gave his life in repelling a US invasion in 1812. So we also want to fight for US persons who are frightened by the IRS, the border guards, and the media. We are here to provide one another with resources and strategies, comfort and advice.” This group focuses on grass roots actions. Click here to go to their home page.

      The other is American Citizens Abroad, which is more of a “working through the system” group trying to influence legislation to treat expats more fairly, especially focused on trying to change the USA’s citizen based taxation laws to a taxation based on residence. As they say in their “About” page, “Founded in 1978, American Citizens Abroad, Inc. (ACA, Inc.) is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer association whose mission is to defend the rights of Americans living overseas. ACA works to represent overseas Americans interests before the Executive Branch of the US Government, the US Congress, the Federal Judiciary, and in the press. With offices in Washington DC and Geneva Switzerland, the association draws on more than three decades of rich experience and knowledge of laws affecting Americans living overseas.” Click here to go to their home page.

      Thank you for your comment. You are not alone in this unjust governmental process.

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