Another FUSET (Frequently Used Search Engine Terms)

26 Jun

This was the search term that caught my eye. Actually, my eye caught it but why quibble over who is doing what to whom? It said, “proof of arrival fbar expat” and I guess that they were trying to find out how one could prove that one filled out, signed and sent the FBAR, and, most importantly prove the they received it. I send mine registered mail. It doesn’t cost a whole lot and that way there is at least some modicum of evidence that it did mail it. I guess that I could hand deliver it, but the IRS does not provide any support for tax problems over her in the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv or Consulates in Haifa or Jerusalem. That would be too logical, especially to provide examiners to do their audits rather than, as I am having to do, deal with their examiners in Puerto Rico. I could hand deliver it to Detroit, Michigan, but the airfare would be prohibitive from here in Israel, so I guess I’ll just have to hope that the mail goes through.


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